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Der Joker ist ein absolut psychopathischer Verbrecher der sich jeder genaueren Klassifizierung seiner Vorgehensweise und Motiven entzieht, was immer. Ein Joker (englisch für Spaßmacher, von lateinisch iocus, Scherz, Spaß, oder joculator Gaukler, Narr, Harlekin) in Österreich, Deutschland und Frankreich auch. Ein Joker (englisch für Spaßmacher, von lateinisch iocus, Scherz, Spaß, oder joculator Gaukler, Narr, Harlekin) in Österreich, Deutschland und Frankreich auch. Arkham Knight und Batman: Der Joker erzählt ihm, dass Dent sich nun Two-Face nennen würde und Rache suche, da er Batman und alle anderen, die ihn gerettet haben für Rachels Tod verantwortlich machen Beste Spielothek in Zeilitzheim finden. Ich habe eine Falle aufgestellt und du bist free slots machines 888 reingetrampelt " - Der Joker. Navigation Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Hamill erlangte Kultstatus durch seine Rolle als Luke Skywalker. Der Joker ist ein absolut psychopathischer Verbrecher, der sich jeder genaueren Klassifizierung seiner Vorgehensweise und Motiven entzieht, was immer wieder dazu führt, dass er unterschätzt wird. Der Tschetschene und Sal Maroni sind interessiert, aber Gambol, verärgert über die Respektlosigkeit des Jokers, versucht den Joker anzugreifen, woraufhin dieser eine Ladung Granaten zeigt, die er an der Innenseite seiner Jacke trägt und deren Zündung mit einem Faden an seinen Fingern befestigt ist. Während er noch überlegte, erreichte ihn plötzlich Greedy Servants Slots - Play Online for Free Instantly Nachricht, dass seine hochschwangere Frau ums Leben gekommen war. Diese Gruppe tritt auch häufig in der zugehörigen Serie Batman of the Free bingo casino games auf. Eines Tages, als der Vater die Mutter mit einem Messer attackierte, wendete er sich dem Joker zu und Beste Spielothek in Neuhirschstein finden ihm ein "Lachen" ins Gesicht. Der Joker nimmt Vicky als Geisel und verschleppt sie in den Glockenturm der Gothamer Kathedrale, wo Batman sich Vinn Opplevelser Verdt 500 000 Kr - Rizk Casino - NetEnt Kampf mit Jokers schergen liefert, die er alle ausschalten kann. Videospiele Filme TV Wikis. Danach geht er auf ihn zu und schneidet ihm das Grinsen des Jokers ins Gesicht, indem er in die rechte und linke Wange des Jungen schneidet. Die Entstehung des Schurken Joker mit dem charakteristischen Aussehen wird meist auf einen Unfall zurückgeführt, bei dem er in einen Behälter mit Chemikalien gefallen ist, wodurch seine Haut ausbleichte, seine Haare und Lippen sich grün bzw. Nachdem er als üblicher Gegner von Batman in den er Jahren eingeführt wurde, etablierte online mobile casino welcome bonus der Joker langsam über die Jahrzehnte zum totalen Erzfeind des Dunklen Ritters.

Joker wiki -

Jerry Robinson Bill Finger. Arkham City , Batman: Dargestellt wurde der Joker in diesen Werbefilmen von Curtis Armstrong. Mehr zum Joker im Artikel über den Joker. Am Anzug steckt des Öfteren eine Blume, die Säure verspritzen kann. Red Hood Eine frühere Idenität des Jokers.

The reunited Joker and Harley Quinn happily kissed and embraced, with Harley delighted that her boyfriend dressed up for the occasion. Joker lets Harley know that he'd do anything for her, and claims to have grape soda on ice and a bearskin rug waiting for them.

However, their reunion is cut short, as Joker's helicopter is shot down by Waller's agents. While Harley manages to jump out and save herself just in time, the Joker is presumed dead along with Frost, Van Criss, and the rest onboard in the explosion of the aircraft, much to Harley's devastation.

When Harley Quinn 's mind was telepathically assaulted by Enchantress , the latter implanted a vision of Harley being married to Joker, with both of them being without their dyed hair, bleached skin or tattoos and apparently also cured from their psychopathy , the two of them having two baby kids a boy and a girl , and living a happy "Normal" life in a suburban home.

However, with the help of the more mentally resistant El Diablo , Harley was able to snap out of it and continue her attack against the evil army.

Harley and Joker embrace after he breaks her out. After the Suicide Squad had managed to defeat and kill Enchantress , her brother Incubus , and her monstrous army, they were all re-imprisoned in Belle Reve , albeit with their sentences shortened by 10 years and their cells rendered more comfortable in gratitude with Harley notably gaining an espresso coffee machine.

All of a sudden, the Joker, now revealed to be alive and unscathed, and his goons this time disguised as a SWAT team, with Joker's uniform bearing his name on the chest broke into the prison, and his goons quickly broke through the lock on Harley's cage with a buzzsaw.

Joker then removes his mask to reveal himself and reunites with an overjoyed Harley. The reunited lovers finally embraced before fleeing from the prison together, heading "home" most likely meaning Gotham City.

Joker is also remarkably manipulative, easily psychologically enthralling Dr. Harleen Quinzel and commanding the respect and loyalty from all of his henchmen who don't hesitate to break him out of Arkham Asylum , in addition to being extremely intelligent and unpredictable, thus managing to torment his archnemesis for years, and catch Amanda Waller off-guard by sabotaging her ARGUS helicopter.

In addition, Joker appears to be somewhat vain about his status as the king of Gotham City 's criminal underworld, evidenced by him forcing the imprisoned Captain Griggs to kiss his hand, and proudly refusing to shake Monster T 's hand upon meeting him.

Joker also uses sexuality to intimidate and unnerve his victims, sitting on Griggs' lap and stroking him, as well as calling Monster T a "handsome hunka hunka" when he offered Harley to him.

Joker also has a penchant for flamboyancy, lavishness and extravagance, evident in him complementing his bleached white skin with dyed green hair, red lipstick, and black eye-liner giving himself the appearance of a fearsome clown ; his bright and flashy Jokermobile in stark contrast to his archnemesis' Batmobile , as well as the outrageous outfits that Joker sometimes has his goons wear: The only predictable aspect of the Joker's criminally insane psyche is his inherent unpredictability: Joker describes himself as "an idea, a state of mind, who executes [his] will according to [his] plan.

His reasons and methods are not necessarily random, but are so quixotic and impulsive they may very well be.

Sign In Don't have an account? A state of mind. I execute my will according to my plan. Contents [ show ]. There is something you could do for me?

Desire becomes surrender, surrender becomes power. I love this guy, he's sooooo intense! The fire in my loins, the itch in my crotch! This is not just her.

There's this new law where if you're a bad enough bad guy, they stamp terrorist on your jacket and send you to this swamp in Louisiana. All that chit-chat's gonna get ya hurt.

By the way, I've got some grape soda on ice and a bearskin rug waiting. The Official Movie Novelization - Amazon. Emperor Joker 1 October, Return of the Joker 1 February, Last Laugh - 6 issues.

Switch 1 December, Joker's Asylum - 10 issues. Joker Graphic Novel December, Batman Vol 2 The Joker November, Retrieved from " http: It is also hinted that The Joker of the Injustice world apparently made a deal with Nekron to return from the dead.

Utterly insane and hiding behind colorful costumes to make himself appear as nothing more than a harmless clown, the Joker is anything but harmless.

Possessing no powers outside of his genius cunning and chemistry skills, the Joker is still one of the most deadly villains seen in Injustice.

None of these weapons are nearly as dangerous as the Joker's lethal toxin Smylex, created by the Clown Prince of Crime himself.

The toxin forces its victims to laugh themselves to death, leaving a large rictus grin on their faces. The Joker carries multiple canisters of the toxin, which he typically throws or kicks at his opponent to catch them off guard, and if he's feeling particularly lethal, he might shoot it to cause it to explode and spread the toxin as a gas cloud.

Aside from arsenal of weaponry, the Joker's most dangerous weapon is his mind, making him utterly unpredictable and dangerous, even to the godlike superhumans of Injustice.

He is also a manipulative liar, especially to Harley. Joker's power is a high and low parry. When you hit successful, it gives you a "ha", each "ha" improves Joker's walk speed and jump arcs.

Though he had failed to elevate the Joker Clan's status, Joker was convinced a similar organization could be successful in his dimension.

Joker used a series of devastating terrorist acts to frighten the populace, then convinced the more gullible among them that he was the path to security.

The new Joker Clan soon had millions of members worldwide and committed regular anti-government attacks, wreaking havoc on the global economy.

I hadn't begun my day thinking I'd give a wannabe alien overlord a haircut. That was a happy accident. But what I'd first thought a distraction, inspired my life's greatest work.

I found Brainiac's Collection. Those poor cities from across the universe, trapped aboard his ship.

There was only one thing to do! And gave Earth the reboot it so desperately needed. I stitched together a crazy quilt of alien civilizations, without regard to rhyme or reason.

Afraid, confused, devolved to their basest instincts, they kill each other in the most sickening ways. And I get to sit back, munch popcorn, and enjoy the show--watching as the world burns!

Joker sports a longer purple coat with black accents, a spiked collar, and slicked back hair. He now has a skinny purple tie and brown dickies.

Costume based on his appearance in the video game Batman Arkham City. Walmart preorder exclusive or Arkham City Skin Pack.

The Joker sports a tourist shirt colored white and green with light purple accents and a lapel flower, a camera strapped around his neck, wide brimmed hat, purple shorts, black gloves, rolled down knee socks and brown shoes.

This costume is based on his appearance in The Killing Joke graphic novel. The Killing Joke Skin Pack. In this costume, it is nearly identical to his normal costume, but his jacket is lengthened into a trench coat and he is wearing a brown wide brimmed hat and black gloves.

This Costume consists of a black suit with a purple vest, a long red cape, and a large, yet narrow, red dome helmet, and the suit is heavily stained with blood as he was submerged in dangerous chemicals, and he also has stained, purple gloves.

This costume is based on his appearance before becoming the Joker. To the right is the base skin for Joker, Clown Prince of Crime.

He is wearing his default gear:

His crazed grin, psychotic, clown-like appearance and sadistic practical jokes all make the Joker one of the most diabolical villains of DC Comics and of all time.

He is also one of Superman's recurring adversaries, a dangerous foe to the Justice League, and one of Batman Terry McGinnis 's greatest foes.

Kane, along with Batman's co-creator Bill Finger, started working on ideas and they came up with one villain: However, they were in need of a second villain and after a suggestion by their frequent collaborator, Jerry Robinson, Kane and Finger developed the idea for the Joker.

On his first appearance, Joker was a psychopathic maniac who murdered for pleasure, but in the original script, he was killed off on his second appearance, in which he accidentally stabs himself as he rushed at Batman.

However, DC Comics feared that they would run out of ideas for villains if they kept killing them and after an editorial edict, a final scene was arranged in which the Joker was shown to be alive and ever since, he has remained a major villain in the DC Universe.

There was only one short origin story in , written by the Joker's co-creator Bill Finger in "Detective Comics " in which Joker first was the criminal known as "Red Hood".

Desperate for money and with his wife Jeannie heavily pregnant, the engineer turned to two criminals to help him out. Helping the criminals to break in involved the engineer to dress up as the Red Hood.

This was made as an excuse by the criminals to say that they wished to protect his identity. However, they failed to mention the history of the Red Hood.

In this version of the story, the Red Hood persona is given to the inside man of every job thus, it is never the same man twice ; this makes the man appear to be the ringleader, allowing the two criminals to escape.

During the planning, police contact ed him and inform ed him that his wife and unborn child have had died in a household accident.

The engineer was distraught at the loss of his wife and unborn child, so he tried to back out of the plan. However, the criminals strong-arm him into keeping their commitment to them.

When they entered the plant, their cover was immediately blown and a shoot out with security guards ensued. In the resulting melee, the two criminals were killed and the engineer escaped, only to run into Batman, who happened to be investigating the disturbance.

So frightened by the appearance of a "black demon", the engineer jumped over the railings into a vat of chemicals in order to escape from Batman.

His attempted escape was successful, but the chemicals bleached his skin and turned his hair green. The unfortunate events of the day, coupled with the hideous reformation, drove the engineer insane and resulted in the birth of the Joker.

This is just one of three origin stories suggested by writers in The Batman Universe. The true story is unclear due to the fact that the only man who knows what really happened that being, The Joker is an unreliable source.

The Joker even says to Batman after a battle between the two:. If I'm going to have a past, I prefer it to be multiple-choice! Another origin is suggested by Alex Dini says that the Joker was in fact a mob enforcer who worked his way up the Gotham criminal food chain until he led a powerful criminal faction.

Dini then suggests that the Joker created the Red Hood personality to commit small-time crimes, since he reveled in "dirty work". After his disfigurement, the gangster remained sane, but made his crimes look like the work of a lunatic in order to pursue his vendetta against Batman and avoid the death penalty.

Joker was seemingly given a more solidified origin in the New In this continuity, the man who'd become Joker was once leader of the Red Hood Gang; a group of criminals that used senseless violence to commit crimes.

Eventually their members were pick off and incarcerated by Batman; causing the gang's numbers to dwindle.

Batman then learned that the gang's leader, known as Red Hood One, and the remaining gang members had planned to steal deadly chemicals from the ACE chemical plant.

So he got the drop on them by blowing off the building's roof. Red Hood One tried to escape via helicopter but Batman yanked him off it, causing them both to fall through the damaged roof and be left dangling over a chemical vat.

Batman tried to save Red Hood One but the villain told him that this encounter was "only the beginning" before breaking free of the Dark Knight's grasp and letting himself plunge into the chemicals below.

Like some other origin stories, Joker's true identity is never revealed. It is later revealed that there are apparently 3 Jokers in Prime Earth, which might explain why their are various origins for the mad man.

In a special mini-series that ran through several issues of Superman, the Joker tricked the reality-warping imp known as Mister Mxyzptlk into giving him his powers.

This resulted in the Joker becoming a god and transforming the entire world into a sick amusement-park style nightmare dedicated to his own madness.

Despite all of the Joker's vast power in this special story line he had a weakness in the fact that his relationship to Batman had reached a point where he could not exist with him, a kind of psychological "vicious cycle" deal in which for all his hatred of the Dark Knight, the Joker could not kill him as the two had become interlinked as characters: Superman used this knowledge to his advantage and ultimately defeated the omnipotent Emperor Joker as a result - the Joker has never obtained such godlike power again.

He was only mentioned by name by the Penguin and Sweet Tooth. The Clown Prince of Crime was supposed to be the main villain in the show, but instead, Sweet Tooth, portrayed by Jeff Blim, replaced him.

The Joker serves as a minor villain and playable character in Mortal Kombat vs. In the Joker's MK vs. DC Universe ending, he gain new supernatural powers since after the parallel universes-merger crisis.

He now uses them to ultimately enslave all of Gotham City forever, proclaiming himself "Mayor Joker". Within his chaotic city, the Joker held a new tournament in which contestants fight for his amusement, and the winner of all these challenges would have to face the final opponent, the Joker himself.

The Joker appears as a major antagonist in DC Universe Online where he acts as the mentor for villains who choose to specialize in technology.

While the Joker is almost a given to appear in any video game that has Batman, he has not appeared in all of them, and is not always the Big Bad.

On systems and games before the modern era, he has appeared in:. There are so many strategies employed by the Joker that there can often be no discernible pattern to his attacks.

For instance, The Joker often uses his lapel either to shoot his "Joker gas", or to shoot nothing at all. Other times The Joker has pointed guns at others with a label saying "bang", yet as "Infinite Crisis" has proven, The Joker can also be extremely sadistic.

As such, this makes The Joker a very dangerous opponent indeed due to his unpredictable mind. He has outsmarted Batman on numerous occasions, and superhumans like Superman have fallen into his traps many times.

Joker's appearance usually varies depending on different artists and media, but typically he wears a lavender suit with matching trousers, gloves, a necktie and a flower on his chest that shoots acid, laughing gas, or knockout gas.

Of course, aside from his clothes, Joker has chalk white skin, green hair, green eyes, and a big ghoulish smile on his face with an unusually long nose and chin.

Occasionally, Joker is also seen wearing a wide brim hat. Joker has been known to wear different outfits depending on his mood. In the infamous graphic novel The Killing Joke he wore an outfit to resemble a tourist on a tropical vacation.

In the Death of the Family comic arc, Joker was determined to "fix" what he saw wrong with Batman and wore an outfit to show this.

He wore a blue mechanics jumpsuit with the words "Joe's Garage" labeled on the back, a tool belt around his waist and, most noticeably, had the skin of his dismembered face hastily strapped back on his head with a belt and twine after cutting it off a year prior.

In the comic arc Endgame , Joker returned with a new appearance. His face had completely grown back with a few alterations due to the healing properties of the chemical Dionesium.

The length of his nose and chin are less exaggerated then they were before and his iconic grin, while still very wide, is not as long as it use to be.

Joker also sports a new hairdo and wears a black suit ensemble with a pair of white gloves. He eventually wears another outfit more in line with his classic attire, although changes to his hair and facial features remain.

In the mini-series Underworld Unleashed, The Trickster remarks, "When supervillains want to scare each other, they tell Joker stories".

He dyed his hair emerald-green and began wearing lipstick and makeup to emulate a more theatrical, garish clown-like look.

Thus was born the bombastic, psychopathic, fearsome, and murderous man who would shortly thereafter be nicknamed "The Joker". Batman would come into conflict with the Joker on numerous occasions, leading him to becoming the vigilante's archnemesis.

Upon repeated interactions, the Joker developed a sick and twisted love for the Batman, and their games together. Eventually, Batman would defeat and apprehend him, subsequently having the Joker imprisoned in Arkham Asylum for his numerous crimes.

In Arkham, Joker would first meet psychiatric intern Dr. Harleen Quinzel when he was assigned as her patient, whom he psychologically sabotaged and manipulated.

She gradually fell in love with him, and the Joker got Harleen to do him favors, which was giving him first a stuffed kitten, and then a machine gun.

Shortly thereafter, Joker's bizarrely dressed goons lead by Jonny Frost broke into Arkham Asylum , and successfully aided their boss in escaping, tying Harleen down in the process.

Before leaving however, Joker sadistically subjected Harleen to shock therapy as a retaliation for her shock therapy leaving him "in a black hole of rage and confusion" , fracturing her psyche and causing intense psychological trauma.

Thus resulting in her severe mental instability. Harleen later chased him down on a motorcycle, and managed to get Joker to stop his Jokermobile car.

She nearly killed him with a gun, even shooting a man who approached them. Joker took the gun and taunted her. Harleen claimed to love him, but Joker responds by saying that he is not someone who is loved, but rather "an idea, a state of mind, who executes [his] will according to [his] plan," with Harleen not being part of his plan.

When Harleen still wanted to come with him, and so Joker took her to ACE Chemicals , where he had originally had his accident. While there, Harleen was told to say an oath, and was asked if she would die for him.

When she told him she would, he decided dying was too easy and asked her if she would live for him instead. She responded in the affirmative, and allowed herself to fall into the vat of chemicals.

Joker turned to walk away, leaving her to die, but was conflicted, changing his mind and jumping in after her, he pulled her up to the vat's surface.

Joker then kissed her, and Harleen awakened. They kissed again and the Joker broke down into maniacal laughter. From that point on, Harleen dubbed herself "Harley Quinn" donning a red-and-black Harlequin costume , and the duo of psychopathic lovers would go on a number of crime sprees in Gotham City together, which would often result in the duo coming into conflict with Batman , becoming as Amanda Waller would later claim the criminal King and Queen of the city.

A devastated Batman would later place the damaged and vandalized suit in an exhibit in the Batcave. In , a year after the Black Zero Event, a lavish strip club owned by the Joker was visited by crime boss Monster T , whom Joker greeted, though he refused to shake his hand as per usual, as Joker's right-hand man Jonny Frost revealed.

Monster T, however, welcomed his fellow crime boss ally back, congratulating Joker on his escape. However, Monster T then took notice of the exceptionally beautiful Harley Quinn , and promptly made distasteful remarks about her, proceeding to stare with lustful desire, an act that greatly displeased the Joker.

In response he called Harley over, intimidating Monster T, and making him somewhat uncomfortable by suggesting he sleep with Harley, as well as calling him a "handsome hunka hunka".

Monster T, having picked up on Joker's displeasure, attempted to assure him that Harley was his girl, and that he wanted "no beef".

The Joker, however, was unimpressed with the man, and promptly shot Monster T in the head. Later that night the Joker and Harley were driving down a street in Gotham, in the Jokermobile both maniacally laughing, while Batman pursued them in the Batmobile.

Batman the put the Batmobile in auto drive and jumped onto the roof of Joker's car. Joker trying to shake Batman off, took a sharp turn, and despite Harley's protests that she "can't swim", drove the car into a river, forcing Batman to grapple off.

Batman then put on a breathing mask and dove down into the river to arrest the two criminals. When he got to the car underwater the Joker was gone and Harley was unconcious.

Harley then attempted to fight off Batman with a knife before being knocked out by the latter. Batman then brought her to the Batmobile and drove her to prison.

Eventually, Jonny Frost returned and revealed that she is imprisoned in Belle Reve supermax prison. Exuberant at the news, Joker ordered Frost to get his car, and proceeded to lie down on the floor of his chambers, amidst his collection of numerous bladed and firearm weaponry, roaring with gleeful psychopathic laughter and washed off the black line shortly thereafter.

In order to learn more details, Joker again deployed Jonny Frost , with the latter finding one of the Belle Reve guards, Captain Griggs , in a night club, and subsequently subduing him.

Griggs was brought before Joker's goons, and while he remained relatively unfazed, he showed visible fear when the Joker himself entered.

Joker circled Griggs, sadistically smiling at the terrified guard in gleeful anticipation of the ruthless torture he was about to unleash upon him , implying Griggs kiss his ring, then straddling the man and suggesting he could "tell Griggs meant it.

Ultimately, Captain Griggs ' torturous interrogation prove effective, as he revealed to Joker Amanda Waller 's plan to use Harley Quinn as a member of the Suicide Squad with an intended mission in Midway City , as well as the implantation of an ARGUS nano-bomb into Harley, as an emergency contingency.

The Joker ultimately also forced him to return to Belle Reve and deliver a purple phone to Harley through which he could communicate with her, via SMS before she was deployed on the Squad's mission.

Van Criss , the scientist that created the nano-bombs. When the security guard was unwilling to let in the truck carrying Joker and his goons in, the goon driving the truck seemingly acquiesced, and gave the guard a package to deliver - claiming that it was a gift basket for Dr.

However, the package turned out to be a concealed bomb, which promptly killed the guard, allowing Joker and his goons to climb out of the truck and enter.

Van Criss initially hid behind a wall of bulletproof glass, but much to his dismay and horror, Joker promptly showed Van Criss a live feed of the latter's kidnapped wife.

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Mit einem gekünstelten Lachen platzt plötzlich der Joker in das Meeting und bezeichnet den "sogenannten Plan" Laus als schlechten Witz. Harvey Dent wird dann zu Two-Face und versucht auf einem persönlichen Rachefeldzug die korrupten Polizisten zu finden, die seine Freundin entführt hatten. Der Joker ist ein Meisterkrimineller, der ein Clown -ähnliches Erscheinungsbild besitzt: Anmelden Du hast noch kein Benutzerkonto? Comicfigur Trickfigur Clownfigur Batman. Jahrhunderts zurückgeführt, ausgehend von dem Spiel Euchre , das durch elsässische Einwanderer nach Amerika gebracht wurde. Er erwähnt den Joker, der ihnen ihr Geld gestohlen hat, und bezeichnet ihn als "irgendeinen geschminkten Schwachkopf mit billigem Lila Anzug", einen Niemand, den man vergessen könne. Danach tötet er den Tschetschenen und stellt Gotham im Fernsehen vor die Wahl: Die Ungereimtheiten machen es jedoch unmöglich, den Hintergrund des Jokers zu bestimmen. However, after he learned aktiviert she was an associate of Riddler, Joker became suspicious of her and kept an eye on her. The Joker has undergone many revisions since his debut. At these moments, the Joker is depicted as expressing remorse for his acts; [] [] however, during a medically induced period of partial sanity in Batman: After he received a text from Harley that let him know that she was interested, John told Bruce about what was decided and told him about his feelings for her. Vigilantes, Jokers, and Heroes in Gotham City. Bruce later joined the Pact, with Joker ecstatic that he could join, and he assisted in Beste Spielothek in Hintenburg finden process of his induction. Depending on the choices made in circus circus casino las vegas jobs previous episode, the Joker became either a vigilante or Christmas Slots | Play FREE Christmas-themed Slot Machine Games villain. Harleen later chased him down on a motorcycle, and managed to get Joker to stop his Jokermobile car. The toxin forces its victims to laugh themselves to death, leaving a large rictus grin on their faces. Arkham City som släpptes Robinson credited dembele moussa, Finger and Kane for the Joker's creation. Superman used this knowledge to his advantage and ultimately defeated the omnipotent Emperor Joker as a result - the Joker has never obtained such godlike power again. Turin gegen bayern he joined the Pact, Joker served as Harley's right-hand man and helped her whenever she required something. Er war ein harmloser Ulk-Charakter. Eines Tages befindet sich der Vater wiederholt in einem solchen Wutanfall und tötet die Mutter des Joker mit einem Messer. Jerry Robinson Bill Finger Der Joker ist ein absolut psychopathischer Verbrecher der sich jeder genaueren Klassifizierung seiner Vorgehensweise und Motiven entzieht, was immer wieder dazu führt, dass er unterschätzt wird. Der Joker trat in diversen Batman-Computer- und Konsolenspielen auf. Gespielt wurde er von Heath Ledger , der kurz nach Beendigung der Dreharbeiten verstarb. Er fängt daraufhin an hemmungslos zu lachen. Verzweifelt nahm er das Angebot der Verbrecher an. Da er durch die Maske nicht gut sehen konnte und durch das Erscheinen Batmans gehetzt wurde, stolpert er in ein Chemikalienbad. Er lockt Napier in eine Chemiefabrik, wo er von der Polizei angegriffen wird. Daraufhin nimmt er eine gewalttätige und chaotische Verbrechensserie auf, um Batman, der nach seiner Auffassung zu viel Presseaufmerksamkeit erhält, zu überbieten. Batman 1 April Inhaltsverzeichnis [ Anzeigen ]. Inhaltsverzeichnis [ Anzeigen ]. Er trägt zumeist einen violetten Anzug mit Schwalbenschwanz, gelegentlich auch einen violetten Hut oder Mantel. In anderen Projekten Commons.

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